Looking Ahead is a program of The Actors Fund created to help professional young performers and their families thrive amid the unique challenges of working in the entertainment community.

Fred Savage
Sharon Lieblein
Chris M. Allport
Cynthia Bain
Tracy Bobbitt
Harlan Boll
Ray Bradford
Polly Businger
Melissa Gilbert
Ilene Graff
Jennifer Heater
Darby Hinton
Ilyanne Morden Kichaven
Jacky Olitsky
Cindy Osbrink
Paul Petersen
Lisa Rapport, Ph.D
Michael Rosenfeld
Clarinda Ross
Joanne Savage
Judy Savage
Arlene Singer-Gross
Shelly Sumpter Gillyard
Judy Taylor
Richard Thomas
Nancy Wileman, MFT, CADC
Henry Winkler

Join us for cool social events like Laser Tag, beach bonfires, movie nights, and sporting events!

We'll help you with school options, an education plan and college visits.

Talk to us about life, pressures, family and relationships.

Visit the elderly, feed homeless families, do crafts for children with disabilities and give back to the community in many other ways.

Join the Leadership Council to create new programming for Looking Ahead, meet new friends and develop leadership skills.