Looking Ahead is a program of The Actors Fund created to help professional young performers and their families thrive amid the unique challenges of working in the entertainment community.
Does your young performer have
Unclaimed Coogan funds?

For the specific definition of covered earnings or to find out if you child has Unclaimed Coogan funds, click here to go to www.unclaimedcoogan.org

On January 1, 2000 , SB 1162 became law. This law requires that 15% of the earnings of an unemancipated minor rendering artistic or creative services be transferred to a set-aside trust. In “the business” this has become known as a Coogan Account. A year after the law was passed, employers were still holding some set-aside funds, awaiting trust information from parents/guardians. Both SAG and the MPAA wanted to find a way to ensure these funds were transferred to their rightful owners, and to have the money protected until that time.

SAG and the MPAA asked The Actors Fund if they would accept the role of custodian of unclaimed funds. This role includes becoming the trustee of these funds; transferring funds to Coogan Accounts after receiving proper documentation; paying funds to beneficiaries who reach the age of maturity or became emancipated; and paying funds to the estates of beneficiaries.
The Actors Fund agreed to partner in this endeavor and all three parties worked with Senator John Burton's offices and the California legislature to craft SB 210.

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