Looking Ahead is a program of The Actors Fund created to help professional young performers and their families thrive amid the unique challenges of working in the entertainment community.
Here's how:

1. Once you're a Looking Ahead member, use your Member Login (remember, there's one login per family) to access your profile.

2. There, you'll see a link to "Edit Profile" next to each member of your family, just like in the example above.

3. Click "Edit Profile" and you'll be able to update contact information including phone and email address, union and agent information, profile picture and a brief personal description for that member.

4. Keep in mind that some of the information can only be edited on the parent profile because that information applies to all members of the family--for example, primary and secondary mailing addresses, or the phone number of the primary parent of your Looking Ahead membership.
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Join us for cool social events like Laser Tag, beach bonfires, movie nights, and sporting events!

We'll help you with school options, an education plan and college visits.

Talk to us about life, pressures, family and relationships.

Visit the elderly, feed homeless families, do crafts for children with disabilities and give back to the community in many other ways.

Join the Leadership Council to create new programming for Looking Ahead, meet new friends and develop leadership skills.